PishgamanKhlagh Parscompany could take a major step forward in oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, cement, food industry, universities and workshops through using experienced cadre as an independent importer of electrical equipments, instrumentation, industrial automation and measurement equipments.

We proudly state that having specialized view to each of the branches of this company whether in the form of contracting operations or in the internal and external business activities on the one hand, and believing in providing complete engineering services before and after sale which build customers trust this company on the other hand, have been the reasons for the success and development of Pars Creative Pioneers activities.


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Our purpose is to providing engineering and trading services and using the latest technology in the field of international trade along with providing high quality services for customers.

Fields of activity:

1) Design and implementation of industrial projects

2) Installation of industrial automation systems

3) Repair and maintenance of electrical and control systems

4)Production and distribution of instrumentations ( PLC , HMI , DRIVE )

5) Types of ASHCROFT Pressure Gauge

6) Types ofASHCROFT Pressure Transmitter.

7) Types of SIEMENS PLCs of the series 200-300 and 400

8) Full range of low voltage products from Siemens of Germany

9) A variety of single-phase and three-phase drives

10) Providing Delta equipments such as PLC, HMI, Inverter, Servo, Encoder & CNC Controller

more ….

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After reviewing the technical and commercial expert , depending on the type of query will be answered after a few working days.

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after confirming technical and financial offers, the written confirmation would be sent to the seller.

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the order will be done after upon receipt of written confirmation and prepayment.

Payment and delivery:

delivery time would be different depend on the type of order.  After carry  , delivery and liquidate is done in the company.